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How To Make Your Own Rattle

Tuesday, June 4th & 11th, 6:30m - 9:00 pm
194 Centre St. Napanee Ont.

Fee:$75.00 . Materials $25.00

Hatha Yoga classes - open to beginners
Thursdays: 9:30 - 11:00 am
10.00 per class

New 8-week course begins:
September 11th to October 30th, 2019 
Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
Course fee: $150.00 or $20.00 per class

Chakradance is a free flowing movement meditation, a healing dance to free the energy from each of the seven chakras.

Spinning the chakras helps balance the energy field, or aura.

Our aura is an energy matrix, which surrounds the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. 

Open yourself into a dance that is uniquely yours...go deeper into the energy of each chakra, allow the movements to reveal who you truly are. See the gift of your own creative expression.  

We begin with an introduction to the chakras, then explore the dance of each of the seven chakras (one each week).  Our final dance is one of integration, revealing the story of your creative process.

Chakradance is a 8-week sacred dance program. (No dance experience necessary.)

“This course is amazing I can see and feel change in myself. I feel reloved, balanced and feel like I have grown so much.”

“My reaction? Love, freedom, being. I learned about Chakradance a year ago and I am so excited that I have done this workshop.”

“I would encourage anyone who is open to the teachings of spirit to attend this workshop.”

Chakradance Weekend Intensive
Date to be announced
Weekend fee $250.00
(Includes accommodation and meals.)

Healing Journey Drum Circle
Second Tuesday in the month, 7 - 8:30 pm
Next Circle: Tues. May 14, 2019
(Please call to confirm further dates: 613-354-5859)

By donation

Teaching of the Sacred Wheel's

Come and learn how to work with the sacred wheel of the year as it moves you through the journey of your life.

Sacred teachings and lessons are given to us each day, knowing how to navigate this knowledge and work with it, makes our life more meaningful and richer.

We will create ceremony and ritual to mark the passing of each month and the 8 Sabbats as well as understanding the directions and the power that each direction offers to us as the day unfolds from sunrise, midday, sunset into the dark starry moonlit night.

Learn how to honour the phases of the Sun and the turning of the wheel as we move through the sacred year.

Inquire about ongoing classes, 

50.00 offering
See Workshops under Wild Orchid for more details.