What is Shamanism?

“It is not unusual for Westerners to approach Shamanic exercises
for the first time with trepidation. Yet in every case I know,

anxieties have soon been replaced by feelings of discovery,
positive excitement, and self-confidence.”

The Shamanic practice involves moving into an heightened state of consciousness, supported by the sonic sounds of the drum…restful, focused…with intention.

In this state, the Shaman makes journeys of the imagination…to what is called the lower world, middle world, and upper world.

"The techniques are simple, but require self-discipline and dedication.”

The Shaman is simply a person of knowledge who journeys and gathers information from the helping spirits. They work to answer personal questions, and share spiritual healing.

“Shamanism is basically a strategy for personal learning and acting on that learning.”

Above quotes by:
Michael Harner, Ph.D.

Indigenous rattles

Michael Harner Ph.D.

Shamanism evolved from the ancient indigenous cultures of Siberia, and is still relevant in the modern World.

Since the 1980’s a movement has gained momentum to introduce the benefits of Shamanism into the Western culture.

At the forefront is Michael Harner, Ph.D, an anthropologist who founded the Foundation For Shamanic Studies, in California.

Michael Harner Ph.D. is also the author of The Way of the Shaman, a classic on the Shamanic renaissance…it is a guide and resource published by HarperCollins, and available at most booksellers.

The Way of the Shaman
 A documentary 

This documentary places Michael, and his wife Sandra at the center of the history, and development of 'core' Shamanism; the Universal, Near Universal, and Common Practices of Shamanism Worldwide

The film follows Michael's early expeditions as a young anthropologist, into the jungles of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon, where he experienced what would become a life-changing understanding of the Shamanic potential.

Michael and Sandra subsequently established the Foundation For Shamanic Studies, in California; to explore, teach, and preserve Shamanism for the benefit of all...which lead to the beginning of a Worldwide renaissance of Shamanism, and Shamanic healing through the Foundation's International training programs.

The film is an inspiring look at the people behind the evolution of this spiritual healing methodology which honors, and builds upon the ancient knowledge of the worlds Shamans.

Through these initiatives, thousands of students have re-discovered these hidden spiritual resources, transformed their lives, learned how to help others, and our precious Earth.