Shamanic treatments

Shamanism looks at spiritual loss, and ill health in a number of ways...power loss, spiritual intrusion, and soul loss. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies trains practitioners to help restore, and balance these conditions with the aid of Helping Spirits.

In Core Shamanic healing practice there are specific techniques to clear and return power to the person on the spiritual level (see treatments below).

Following an initial conversation, the Shaman journey's to the Helping Spirits to ask if a healing is recommended at this time. The Helping Spirits will indicate which specific treatments are appropriate, if any.

The Shaman will discuss further, then schedule a time to meet, in person, or by phone, for the shamanic healing session.

Shamanic divination

Shamanic Divination is used to provide guidance and direction on questions asked by the individual. The Helping Spirits then offer information to help answer these questions.

There are various forms of divination including Dreamwork  divination, which can be very effective in understanding the message of  dreams, and assisting in treating nightmares and repetitive dreams. 

Indigenous drum

Power animal retrieval

When we feel exhausted, stressed, or experience ill health, it may indicate our personal power and energy has been taken from us. 

Power Animal Retrieval helps to restore spiritual energy by reconnecting us to our Power Animal.

Working with their guidance and direction we begin to heal ourselves, and feel our power and energy return.

Shamanic extractions

Shamanic Extractions are used to remove negative energy, or spiritual intrusions that may have attached themselves to us.

These can be connected to our negative thoughts, situations, or can be negative projections from others towards us as a psychic attack.

Attachments can also occur when we are injured, vulnerable, sick or in a weakened state.

Shamanic Extraction helps to clear these intrusions, and protects the individual from negative energy, leaving a feeling of lightness of being.

Indigenous drum

Soul retrieval

Soul Retrieval is reclaiming the parts of our soul which have been lost during past traumatic experiences; situations that have disempowered us, or impacted negatively in a profound way.

Circumstances may occur which we don't have the tools, the power, or wisdom to handle these times aspects of our soul become overwhelmed, unable to manage, and retreat into hiding. 

Soul Retrieval assists in finding, and returning those lost soul parts, restoring a deep feeling of wholeness and balance.

During the soul retrieval session the Helping Spirit create a unique soul song, which helps to re-integrate the soul parts. 

The singing of this soul song, helps the spirit return power to your spiritual centre.

Indigenous drums

Shamanic drum healing

The rhythmic sound of the drum is a powerful healing tool. It's vibration creates a resonance that harmonizes with the body, and helps to shift blocked energy.

During the session we journey to the Helping Spirits to ask them to empower the drum...this power is then transfered to the individual.

Word Doctoring

Words have a powerful energy. Through a process called Word Doctoring, we ask the Helping Spirits to give us words that can help shift negative, or blocked energy.

Repeating these words during times of discomfort, or in conflict can shift the power, and clear the energy.

Passing of power

Rattles are used to enhance rhythm and build power. While merging with Helping Spirits, this intensified energy is passed on to the individual for healing and restoring power.

Indigenous rattles


Psychopomp is a process to provide safe passage of the Soul to the afterlife.

The Shaman, and Helping Spirits, act as mediators between the conscious and unconscious realms, to assist the Souls who have passed. This can be very calming and healing for those who have lost a loved one, and are experiencing grief.

This can also be beneficial for soul attachments of those who won't let go, for whatever reason, or who are being held back by loved ones.

Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling teaches a person to use the Shamanic journey to develop a greater understanding of how to solve personal problems. 

It can be helpful in releasing self-limiting beliefs, and assumptions that are holding you back.  

Clients are taught specific techniques to journey safely into non-ordinary reality in the upper and lower worlds, to access and meet their Helping Spirits, to journey with them and ask questions. 

This is a specific healing process that builds with each session, creating a deeper understanding of self over five Shamanic sessions.

This work can be done either in person, or over the phone (Sessions are 1-2 hours). 

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