Your path to balance and healing

Has chasing shadows become part of your life?

How often are we reminded of our past? The shadows of our past that linger with stories and circumstance that we're trying to understand, and heal from.

Many of us are searching for answers and ways to heal and shift from these old patterns that no longer fit the person we are becoming.

There are so many healing techniques to heal the body, mind and spirit. How do we know what is right for us at this point of our journey?

Having studied a variety of  healing techniques over many years, it was a natural progression to move towards the Shamanic practice.

The term Shaman means 'one who journeys in search of guidance for healing', but to really understand the full responsibility of being a Shaman comes with time, energy, focus and a commitment to look within yourself... ask the right questions and to connect with the helping spirits so they can assist us in finding the answers.

Many of us are searching for balance and meaning in our lives….those joyful moments filled with magic, love, peace, happiness…ways to deal with challenges too.

When we are ready to ask the question, why do we hold onto the thoughts and feelings that we hold on to? Perhaps we are ready to explore a deeper process of healing the shadows within us.

Shamanism is a door that opens us into this deeper healing process with the guidance of the Helping Spirits.

As I open to heal my own past with their assistance, I am ready to share with others ways to assist in healing themselves.

This is the work of the Shaman, to serve the community in its healing, and to help individuals heal and find their balance and purpose.