You are the author of your own story

Christmas is but a memory…its now time to focus on the new year ahead...the things you wish to carry forward.

When asked what I would like to be doing, it comes down to the things that make me smile, and feel excited about life.

The world is full of possibilities…choices each of us are free to make.

For me it’s about continuing to fill up, and share what I’ve learned…opening more into the great community of Spirit Helpers who are out there bringing light and love into our world.

Allowing spontaneity...

I also need to take time to snowshoe through the woods…to be creative, to dance, sing, drum…but not planning each moment…allowing for the spontaneity that comes when we create space for magic to enter.

Two of my grandchildren will be ten years old this year, and I want to plan a special journey with them to somewhere magical in Canada.

These milestones are important to me…I love to mark them with lasting memories.

Create the adventure you want...

Take time to focus on what is important to you…as the new year unfolds may it fill you with all you desire.

You are the author of your own success story…be its heroine/hero.

Create the adventure you want in your life…

Page one, chapter one…

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