When inspiration leads to creativity

As we settle into the warmth of the fire, and the twinkling lights of the season, it’s a wonderful time to be thinking of others, and being inspired to create.

I was taught to knit by my mother…one of the many legacies she left me. I remember her sitting in her special chair with a pair of knitting needles, ideas brimming, and surrounded by balls of brightly coloured wool.

Be inspired…

I crave colour at this time of year, when the fading light and grey skies cause many to retreat into their caves to hibernate. My spirit seems to reach into that huge basket of colourful yarns and surround myself with my own projects.

So the question I ask is, “What inspires you to create?”

What stretches you and inspires you to do something that you have never done before? Who are the people around you that inspire, support and encourage you to explore new ideas and create new things?

Sing more…

I crossed paths with a friend recently whose voice sings into the winds (she inspires me to sing more!), and whose hands are always busy crocheting, creating and inspiring others.

Inspired by our conversation and her brightly coloured hat, I came home and started exploring this idea of making hats for my nearest and dearest.

knitting copy.jpeg

Creativity calls…

Whimsical, wonderful, bright playful creations, inspired as the sun sets and the warmth of a fire, and cozy twinkling lights on our tree call to me.

Weaving a legacy…

Weave a legacy of colour into the lives of your friends, family…children and Grandchildren to remember you. Wrap them in the love that comes when you put time into creating something special and unique to them.

Let the sunshine in…

The sun shines this morning, a reminder to fill up…to go for a walk in nature and be inspired by her sparkling magical light on the snow swept landscape.

Be inspired by all that surrounds you and create magic to share with your world.