There are only beginnings…

There are only beginnings, and beginnings never end…

The beginning of my Shamanic journey occurred after a significant life changing event, and I was searching for answers to difficult questions.

Now four years later, I find myself in San Francisco shoulder to shoulder with the Faculty for the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, individuals who have devoted decades to the study and development of Core Shamanism.

We honoured Michael and Sandra Harner, who gave life to this contemporary reworking of ancient traditional teachings, we call Core Shamanism. It was an emotional experience to be assembled together and feel the quiet power, the deep inner knowing, the light and laughter of the group. It moved me deeply. This experience is one that is available to us all…you just have to begin a Journey to the Helping Spirits.

As I continue to grow and deepen my own personal practice, I feel blessed to be part of an organization that is committed to the values of Core Shamanism.

We gathered together and shared in powerful Journeys to see into what the future of the Foundation might look like, and how we can share its teachings more widely. Above all, we agreed to commit to keeping the principles of Core Shamanism that Michael created alive for future generations.

A new workshop, Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice has been created to integrate the advanced practices of Divination, Extractions, Power Soul Retrieval, and Power Animal Retrieval. This new integrated practice of Core Shamanism creates a powerful healing experience for clients and practitioners, and is a powerful way for anyone wishing to deepen their Shamanic Practice.

We live in a changing, and sometimes confusing world, but the work begins within us, and the stories we carry. As we grow, evolve, and heal, so will our environments, the planet, and all who live upon it. When our soul is filled with power there is a deep sense of peace, an inner joy, a balance with all that is.

I have been warmed by the sun and saw nature bursting with new growth, sharing its rich vibrant colours. I watched a hawk early one morning deep in shadow in the morning mist holding its gaze.

My journey home, was greeted by a deep blanket of snow, cold winds, and the reminder that everything has a cycle…even the red tailed hawks around my home gazed over the valley in wonder at the frozen landscape.

Here’s to the new beginning that each day brings…