The Beauty Of You...

One of the things I love about winter is the opportunity to gather around a hearth fire with friends, create beautiful meals, share stories, play music, sing and dance.

Well I just had the opportunity to share that with forty women this past weekend at the Wise Woman Retreat and it was transforming.

Something happens when we come together that is quite organic and magical. We experience things in a deep and profound way that we may not have been expecting.

Laughter and hugs…

This happens over and over with the many workshops I’ve attended over the years and it happens in the many workshops that I have had the opportunity to share and teach.

Having filled up with laughter, many hugs, and a moon lit walk in the cold night air, we returned to share hot drinks by the fire and continued to tell stories and experiences about our changing and sometimes challenging lives.

So many of us are juggling many things in our lives, family, work, personal growth, dreams… and many of us are not being fulfilled with all the responsibilities that come with all of this!

Sinking into space…

For many women, this past weekend was the first time they left young children at home with the other parent, or grandparents. Releasing the guilt and sinking into a space of personal ease was hard for many.

And so the richness of these experiences is even more sacred because of the sacrifices that we sometimes need to make in order to fill ourselves back up, so that we have more to share with our loved ones when we return home again.

The beauty of you…

This past weekend showed me how many people are seeking to restore that personal power and to stand in their truth and speak it.

I am looking forward to teaching and journeying deeply with my students this coming weekend as I teach The Way of The Shaman workshop.

There are so many ways to learn, to open, to heal, and they are all beautiful ways to experience the beauty of you. It’s like watching a garden of flowers slowly opening and revealing their hidden beauty. There is great power in that gift that we can share with each other.

What makes your heart sing…

I trust that as the cold winter settles in around you, that you will take time to reflect, dream, plant new seeds, create new possibilities… find ways to release what no longer serves you and create space for what makes your heart sing.

The Shamans journey is that journey, working with the rhythms of nature, seeking to find balance in the world around you, connecting into the oneness of all that is. We are here to assist in restoring balance and healing to the planet and all that live upon it.

This work is a beautiful gift and a journey that I am blessed to share with others. Perhaps one day it will call to you as it has called to me and we will dance along this beauty path together.

The moon and the stars…

Until then keep looking up, the moon and the stars are so magnificent at this time of year, and the soft crunching sound of the snow is a unique sound that sings to us as we walk upon these winding winter paths.