Power up your inner light

As the autumn rains fall, the leaves cascade to blanket the earth, bare trees dance in the winds, and grey skies cloud the radiant energy of the sun. 

For many this also mirrors a darker time within.

It’s a time for reflecting on the self, on the souls journey, and purpose. 

Time to journey…

For me this is a time to journey in, ask questions around what I can move forward into the world.

It’s about letting go and releasing that which no longer serves me…old beliefs, old behaviors…old patterns.

If you want to bring about change you have to decide to do something different.

Helping spirits…

In the Shamanic tradition of asking for guidance and assistance, we can journey with the Compassionate Helping Spirits to get the information we need through a deep spiritual process. 

Connecting to your inner light…

As we enter into this season of lower external light we have to power up our own internal light.

I do this by eating colourful foods, yoga, dance, drumming, singing, meditation, getting out for walks in nature.

Getting together with like-minded people…journaling, painting, knitting, opening to that creative process within me.

I also spend time journeying to my Helping Spirits to find guidance and inspiration. 

Let’s share the ways we can connect to our inner light and bring it forward.

The world needs our light…especially in times of darkness.