Life is a journey not a destination

We’re all trying to get somewhere in life… to a place , a feeling, an emotion, climbing ever higher to reach the top, to find that success.

We climb, we stumble, we fall, we reach out…sometimes there’s a helping hand, sometimes not…it can be a very lonely climb.

"Life is a journey, and not just a destination."

We need to take time to stop…catch our breath…take in a new perspective…see where we're actually climbing to… give ourselves credit for our effort, for the things that inspire us to keep going.

When we reach the top, do we pause, reflect, take time to enjoy the moment, or do we move on to the next challenge waiting for us?

Seeing through new eyes...

On the Shamanic Journey we are awakened to the world around us...taking in each moment, natures gifts, and our connection to all that is.

It’s not about reaching the top, it’s about how we connect to the world around us as we climb.

You just have to ask your helping spirits to join you, and let the journey unfold…be open to the adventure…to create your dream...letting the spirits awaken it.

"Once you’ve dreamed it you’ve already achieved it."

That’s what the Shamanic journey is…a simple way to show you the path, to be understand we already have what we need. When we look through a different lens....we can see with new eyes.