Journey through grief to new beginnings

Grief touches everyone at some point in their lives… its effect profound, its impact unique to each of us.

How we journey through grief depends on our beliefs, and our willingness to accept all that is and find a way to move forward with new energy and focus.

Following a long illness my mother recently passed away…I was overcome with grief at such a deep level I was thrown off my centre, lost my power, felt totally empty.

It's taken me quite a while to recover from the empty space that was left….to feel my energy and power is returning.

As I journey again to find meaning in my life I reach out to ask for help, guidance, and direction.

Opportunities come to us because we are open and ready for change.

When the door of Shamanism opened to me shortly after asking for help, I walked through it, cast aside doubt and filled myself with a renewed sense of purpose.

The path I was looking for was there in front of me.

As I journey deeper into the Shamanic practise, connecting with my helping spirits, my power has returned...I can feel a renewed clarity and focus coming back to me.

There are many layers to the teachings, to experience what Shamanism can do to help us.

As I seek to answer the questions of how and why…..I begin to find deeper meaning and understanding around why I experience what I experience.

In the Shamanic practise there are wonderful compassionate Helping Sprits in non-ordinary reality that are there to assist and help us in many ways.

My ancestors are there too and I can connect with them in new and helpful ways.

My heart is healing as I can now connect with my mother in another realm outside of our ordinary reality.

These are the teaching that the Shamanic Practise has taught me.

We grieve for many things…for the parts of us that we assumed would always be there…for people, family, companions, our pets, our health, careers, dreams, our world...time itself...its time to move through grief and create a new beginning.