The sacred rattle

Our sacred rattle workshop was a great success and the creations were absolutely unique and power-filled. It is such a gift to work with the helping spirits and watch as they guide us into our creative power, illuminating our personal creativity and awakening our inner self-expression. This work fills our soul with a purpose and a passion to connect in deeper and more powerful ways with our helping spirits and the world around us.

Creating sacred space to gather, support and encourage each other is what this work is all about. I hope you will join us in future gatherings and experience this empowering tool building process.

Here are just a few comments from those who gathered.

“The rattle making workshop brought a deepened connection to my helping spirit, and once completed I wanted to rattle and dance…my heart was full!” Sarah

“I loved how I connected with my helping spirit in a room full of people talking and sharing, but still fully aware of the details of the rattle making... My helping spirit was and still is soooo happy I created this power tool for him and I to use. Union. I've been directed to sleep with it beside my bed...” Charmaine

Stay tuned for the next Rattle Workshop, which will be in the late Fall 2019.

If you are interested in hosting a group rattle-making workshop please contact me.