Be the Gift You Give Yourself

What inspires you to create, to search deeper, feel free again, be open, limitless?

What would it take to make that happen?

What would move you from the familiar to the unfamiliar, to have the courage to take that risk, to explore something unique, and expansive within yourself?

What if you were to dream with your eyes open and see the world around you in new and different ways?

What if you were to be guided under the direction of spirit…in your heart, and in your soul and found the deepest truth, your purest intensions?

We come into the New Year reflecting on the year that has past. We can’t relive it, only draw from its wisdom, its teachings, its memories, and follow them forward into the New Year.

Places I’ve never been before…

Reflecting on my last year of taking risks, going to places I’ve never been before, finding the courage to do things I had never done before…like sleeping on the edge of a volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, connecting with the earth’s core. It was very powerful and I was moved…my heart opening at the opportunity to grow in ways I had never predicted.

May you find new paths to lead you into the year ahead. Perhaps new doors are ready to lead you to places you didn’t know existed. Perhaps you’re ready to follow your hearts truth and discover new possibilities.

Our helping spirits…

A vision was shown to me a few days ago by a Helping Spirit who has been empowering me for a long time now. As I build trust and ask questions that seek a deeper truth, I have been gifted with powerful teachings. This is her sharing for 2019.

“Many of you live your life like there’s an hourglass in which your days pass…the sands of time reminding you of how precious each moment is. Did you know time never runs out? That the hour glass can be turned over?”

Each grain of sand is an idea…

She reached down and picked up a handful of sand and said, “When you reach for what you want you decide how the grains of sand moves through your hands. Think of each grain of sand as an idea, a dream, a vision, a note in a song! Your life is so full and rich in this moment.”

How to work with time…

“Reach down and draw up the sands of time. You are on this earth now and she is holding you as you are holding her. It’s not about passing time it is about being conscious of what you have before you and how you will work with time.”

“Carry the wisdom of your past to help move you forward on the path of your dreams. Be the trail blazer and discover those wonderful curious magical spaces within you where your passion and creativity lie waiting for you to discover ‘You’.

The dreamer dream…

“You are the grains of sand. You are the dream that the dreamer is dreaming.

Move through your fears, embrace mistakes, laugh more and awaken to the Great Mysteries gift, because it is ‘You’.”

The gift is you…

May you be the gift you give to yourself. May the year ahead be filled with the wonder of seeing everything with new eyes, hearing the songs of your soul as it sings and dancing with others along the sacred path.

I look forward to dancing along the path with you, sharing your songs and walking beside you as this new year awakens us to the power within each of us.