Awakening Creativity

Shamanic Training in Creativity

‘Connecting to the deeper creative
process through Core Shamanic practices.’

The art of creativity is the creation of life itself. Everything around us reflects the power of its energy.

Nature is the master of creativity and I am constantly amazed and inspired by the level of creativity that is shared with us every day. This organic unfolding of colour, design, complexity and beauty awakens something within us we can’t always put into words, but is a vital part of the essence of human condition.

The creative process…

As we reflect on the creative process, we may feel the excitement of opening to explore the surge of creativity. Or perhaps we feel a resistance because we don’t know how, too shy to express that part of ourselves because it is unfamiliar. How often are we held back by what we think others will think, or our fear of making a mistake.

There are no mistakes in creativity… 

When you were young were you given a blank piece of paper to paint on, or was it defined by images in colouring books, or paint by numbers? Were you given a few crayons, or did you have a full box of colours?

We each possess inherent creative abilities that are unique to us. They can be expressed in our home, in the gardens we create, in the food we prepare, in the clothes that we wear, or how we engage with the world around us.

We often think of artists as someone special, those who have a vision and a need to express it, as a story, a play, a movie, a painting, a poem, a sculpture, a building…art is all around us.

Exploring spirit…

In the Shamanic interpretation, creativity can go even deeper. Ancient tribal communities would create sacred patterns that defined the nature of their particular tribe or community.

Basket weaving, pottery, paintings, and carvings, represented the tribe to assist the spirits of the ancestors in knowing who their people were and how to protect them.

What is missing in our culture now is our connection to these ancient Helping Spirits who lift us out of our egoic mind and allow for a broader interpretation and solution to the issues at hand.

Cave paintings…

Cave paintings have been around for thousands of years and tell a story that reflects the people and the world around them.

Anthropologists have been interpreting these stories for a long time and have agreed that there is a shamanic aspect to how these paintings have been created.

They see these as a way of drawing power out of the earth, or empowering hunters to have successful hunts, or expressing their appreciation and connection to the world around them.

Exploring creativity…

The Shamanic Training in Creativity is a way to teach students the methodologies to enhance creativity for themselves, and to explore ways to solve problems creatively.

The Shamanic Creativity workshop is about helping you focus on something specific in your life that you would like to bring creativity to, in order to help you understand it better.

Revealing new insights…

We will be working with Core Shamanic Journeying principles, and connecting with our Helping Spirits, to reveal new insights and understanding.

Discover your creative mind…

We all have inherent creative abilities and this workshop will help you enhance those abilities.  This is very personal work and the methods can be applied to many things in your everyday life.

Putting it into practice…

The workshop is about deepening your Journeying and Divination practice, and learning how to access your full creative skills using the assistance of the Helping Spirit’s.

Problem solving is about being creative…

It can also be about the bigger visions that we have for the world, like how to solve some of the big issues we face now using creative problem solving techniques.

A new approach to problem solving…

Creativity is play. If you are curious about finding ways to deepen your the creative process, then join us on August 24/25, 2019, in Napanee, Ontario as we explore what is possible, when we open to express a deeper form of the creative power within us.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how this program can help you, please click the button and leave me a message.