Revealing the real you

When was the last time you felt truly connected to the deepest part of your souls journey? When was the last time you danced or sang and felt empowered by the world around you and within you?

It’s easy to forget who we are, the people we wanted to be, the things we wanted to do, the places we wanted to go. Sometimes we just get swept along in life’s current, struggling to navigate life’s twists and turns.

I trusted it would lead me…

I began my shamanic journey without really knowing where I was going. All I knew was I needed to shift my energies and find something new. I was intrigued by a workshop called: The Way Of the Shaman. I signed up for it, and trusted it would lead me to where I needed to go.

The Way of The Shaman has given me some incredible personal tools, and I’ve learned some powerful teaching practices. One of those teachings was a ‘journey’ to meet a power animal.

I found home again…

This was a powerful experience for me, because our Power Animal is our spiritual support,  a way of guiding and empowering you on your spiritual journey. I began to feel I was on my way home again.

Understanding how to work with my Power Animal was a revelation, and it has helped me deepen my sense of self, living life in a more universally connected way, and embracing all of who I am. Stepping outside the familiar, and discovering other ways to create and develop my own inner sacred landscape.

Remembering my childhood dreams…

I remember reconnecting with my childhood dreams...believing I could be, or do anything I wanted… having the curiosity and the courage to embrace all of who I am. It was all possible now.

As I began to work more closely with my Power Animal I could see how I was being guided along a new path of self discovery, learning more about who I am, and the nature of my truth. My Power Animal has been assisting and supporting me for many years now in my healing and journeying work. 

Providing deep understanding…

As I continue with my Shamanic practice I’ve been gifted with other Power Animals, and my relationship with them continues to deepen, become richer and more expansive as we journey together.

Power Animals work through us on a spiritual level, guiding and protecting us, providing healing, and giving us a deeper understanding of the power within available to us as we follow our Shamanic practice.

I’ve found my way…

When we’re fully empowered, a new you is revealed, and the world opens in new and wonderfully expansive ways.

 (If you would like to learn more about The Way Of the Shaman, click here)