How To Make Your Own Sacred Rattle

I’ve been asked many times where I get my rattles, and I usually respond with, “I make them.” To which many have said, I’d like to learn how to do that. So, I’ve put together a Sacred Rattle Workshop for those of you who are interested in learning this ancient art.

Join us for a weekend of creating and honoring the sacred rattle.

The sound of a rattle is a powerful tool that can be uplifting, calming, healing, and musically inspiring. When we think of a rattle perhaps we imagine a child being calmed and soothed by the gentle sound. In early times rattles were given to babies to protect them from disturbing spirits and date back 2500 years.

The rattle has been used around the world by many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It was used as a connection to the spiritual world, as well as a musical instrument. Ancient rattles have even been found in Pompeii and in Egypt.

Shamans for millennia have used the rattle to journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness for divination, healing and protection. The sound of the rattle is called, its voice. It’s a potent and beautiful sound.

The rattles we create will be used in ceremony, for healing, and to deepen our connections with our helping spirits.

turtle and bag.jpg


Step 1- Morning

We begin by blessing the materials, then taking the rawhide and creating the pattern you would like your rattle to be (some patterns will be pre-cut). The journey will begin as we weave together the fabric and create the heart of the rattle. After shaping and filling with sand, the rattle will need to dry over night.

Step 2 – Afternoon

Now we begin to work with the handle. You may want to be looking for a piece of wood that speaks to you. Strong but not too thick or heavy and feels comfortable in your hand when held. I will have some sticks available as well. The sticks will need to be sanded, or cut to size, and finished so that it is comfortable to hold.

Step 3 – Mid-afternoon

Creating a beautiful wool felted pouch to protect your rattle. I will take you through the process of creating a unique pattern to make a personalized wool felted pouch to protect your rattle.

The pouch will also need time to dry overnight.


DAY 2:

Step 1

Your rattle will have dried into its shape overnight and we will empty the sand out of the rattle head. You will need to place the neck of the rattle in water to allow it to soften and be able to wrap it around the wood. Decide on the content of the rattle, corn, rocks, shells, precious stone chips. Bring along anything that calls to you, I will have some supplies to offer.

Step 2

Once the heart of the rattle and the stem are connected, we will let it dry for a short time. Now you can decide on how you would like to dress the rattle, with fur, beads and perhaps a painted design on the head of the rattle.

Step 3

When our rattles are finished we will do an empowerment with them and then a power dance to awaken their voice. We will talk about ways of using your rattle in a daily practice.

felt bags.jpg

Materials list:

Please consider bringing these items, I will also provide a selection.

Sacred threads, beads, shells, rocks, feathers, pattern for rattle, a design to paint on it, and a special stick that ‘speaks’ to you.

Sat & Sun, June 1st & 2nd
Sat: 10am - 5pm & Sun:10am - 4pm

Fee: $150.00

Contact Mora at: 613-354-5859 to register and for payment details.

Class size will be small so I can give you personal time.

Please note, this workshop will only be offered once this year.

Lunch will be provided, however if you have specific dietary needs, please bring your own.

There is some accommodation available at the centre for $50.00 a night. If you are interested please contact: Mora at 613-354-5859 for more information.

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