Shedding the old ways...

As I continue on my Shamanic path, my understanding of my life journey deepens, and I want to share the importance of these teachings with others so they can begin to experience the benefits for themselves.

The journey towards healing is unique for each person, and the layers of our healing unfold as we reclaim our personal power.

The Way Of the Shaman…

When I first took The Way Of the Shaman workshop something profound moved deep within me.

I’d lost my Mother two months prior to learning about the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and I was still deep within my grief…but I knew I needed something to help me move through it.

Shedding the old ways…

Shamanic work allows us to shed the old ways of thinking and being, then restores our soul to its full potential. Like a tree that has been pruned, the work provides an opening where we are given space to expand and experience new growth.

I’ve been privileged to share these teachings with my students, many of whom have reflected on there experiences, here are just a few:

”Powerful, eye opening…words cannot express
how powerful this experience has been.”

“This workshop provides us with the tools to find
the answers we seek, from within.”

“I am beyond pleased with this class, I’ve learned
so much that I’ll take forward with me.”

The past had been released…

As I continued my studies in advanced Shamanic techniques, I am surprised at how deep my grief was. I had developed pneumonia, was on puffers for the first time in my life, and I was exhausted.

During an Extraction workshop a powerful shift occurred for me, I felt like a huge heaviness had been lifted off of my chest, and everything from the past had been released.

Furthering my studies…

For the first time in months I was able to take a deep breath, felt lighter, freer, happier, and more energized.

Having experienced many Shamanic workshops, and the benefits I’ve experienced, I want to further my studies.

Connection with self…

I’ve taken eight advanced workshops, and have revealed a deeper and more profound connection with myself, and the world around me.

I was recently accepted into the Faculty of the Foundation, and feel blessed to be supported by my Helping Spirits who continue to guide and heal me, and who are constantly there for me when I need help.

There are many levels to the Shamanic work and I will share more in future posts.

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