Your daily life and core shamanism

What Is Extraction Healing?

This is the first article in a series that focuses on the different aspects of Core Shamanism, and its healing techniques, created by Michael Harner Ph.D. and Founder of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies.

I’m going to share some personal stories of how the core shamanic practice is working in my life, and how it could have a positive impact on you.

Journey with me to explore what is possible when we understand the process of connecting with our Helping Spirits for guidance and healing.

Extraction Healing and its potential.

As we draw closer to the spring equinox, and the awakening of the earths power as she comes into her life force energy, she must first cleanse and shed the old.

Snow and ice melt away revealing ground ready to soften and open with beautiful colours and life force.The trees have shed their dead branches as the winds of change blow through and welcome in the new season.

The sun is brighter and stronger, moving through darkened spaces that have been opened up ready for new growth to occur, supported by its powerful light.

Energies and attachments…

We too are part of this process of change, opening, and shedding the past. We spring clean our homes, rustle through our closets to get rid of what doesn’t reflect who we are now.

So too, our spiritual cleansing is just as important to our wellbeing. When we rid ourselves of old attachements that block our progress, we are free to embrace the full power of who we truly are.

Extraction healing process…

Michael Harner Ph.D., the creator of the Foundation Of Shamanic Studies developed the process of Extraction work having observed many Shamanic practices, and evolved a Core Shamanism practice that can be applied easily and safely with the assistance of our personal Helping Spirits.

My own experience with the ongoing Extraction process is to clear away energy that I’ve unknowingly taken on, so that I can have a sense of feeling freer, with more confidence to live my life from a place of clarity and focus.

Feeling unfocused?

Whenever I feel unfocused, or scattered in my energy, I know it is time to do some clearing and releasing. I don’t need to know where the feeling comes from, although on occasion I do. The important thing is to realize that something is upsetting my life flow.

We can be affected by other people’s negative energy, perhaps carelessly spoken words have upset our emotions, and we can be challenged by our own unwanted thoughts.

These are all attachments that weigh us down and cause us to feel tired, restless, frustrated, and unfocused all of which can take away our sense of power.

What Extraction work teaches us…

The Extraction workshop teaches us how to work with this process of connecting with the Helping Spirits to assist in releasing unwanted energies that are blocking our balance.

It is a powerful healing technique, and one that we can all benefit from knowing. Even in the ‘distance-healing’ work I’ve done with my clients, they feel a benefit “…as if a huge weight has been lifted off them.”

I will be offering a workshop on Extraction Healing, on March 30th & 31st. If it speaks to you, let’s talk more about it, and how I can support you on your healing path.

NOTE: To qualify for this course you must take The Way Of the Shaman Basic Workshop.

If you would like to experience an Extraction healing I would also be happy to assist you.

“…(a) factor in the return to shamanism is a
recent development of holistic health approaches actively
utilizing the mind to help healing and the
maintenance of wellness.”

Extract from: The Way Of the Shaman
by Michael Harner Ph.D.