The Edge Walker

Edge of discovery

As a result of living my life on the edge I have great respect for the teaching of the Mountain Goat. It fearlessly walks the vertical cliffs finding just enough of a foothold to take the next step. They manage to dance with the winds and find shelter from the snows and the rains. How do they do it? This is a journey of exploring how we, those of us who are the edge walkers, have managed to not just live, but to thrive in a world where living on the edge is just part of the nature of who we are.

Stepping forward

Standing on the edge now I gaze down and see the past waiting for me to take one wrong step and swallow me up again. Beliefs like, I can’t, I shouldn’t, I couldn’t are phrases that many of us have used over the years. Holding ourselves back and not moving forward for fear of what the possibilities would lead to. But our fears maybe were unfounded and in the end leave us empty and void of the story that might have been had told, had we found the courage to take the next step. Not off the ledge, but to the edge.

Paths to follow...Walking to the edge

So what is safe ground? What is the right path? There are many paths that have been walked by others. The blazon trails that leads to the ‘promised land’. How many times have we walked in others footsteps only to find that the path has not lead us to where we really want to go. How many times have we struggled to find the right path? Followed someone who we thought shared in our ideas and principles. Finding the path to our tribe is a challenging and often fraught process.

Expect the unexpected

At some point spirit will give us direction, usually in a form of a teaching we may rather not have been given! A health concern that stops us in our tracks, a challenging relationship that causes us to make choices not easy to make, a sudden, unexpected life circumstance that creates a major roadblock to our forward movement. And so we stop. If we are open to listening, we may hear the teaching. If we are open to seeing, we may let new experiences assist us in ways that we could never have imagined. For me Shamanism is that path. And it keeps leading me further and further towards a deeper understanding of who I am and the gifts that I bring to the world. The journey is just beginning. And for this I am truly grateful and humbled, by the teachings that Mountain Goat continues to share with me.

What will you experience from here?

“Walk to the edge,” she says. “And be prepared to be amazed.”

(This is the introduction to a book that Spirit has asked me to write. Who do you know who would like to read this book?)