What is The Shamans Mirror?


"As we journey we open ourselves
to receive the guidance the
helping spirits have to share with us."

As you’re on this page, you either know what Shamanism is, or you want to know more.

Either way you’ll find something of value to make your time spent here worthwhile.

The Shamans Mirror is a resource to help you understand what Shamanism is, and ways we can work together to guide you on your healing journey.

“What you reflect into the world is reflected back to you.”

What we focus on becomes our reality…

"The stories you tell yourself from your past, become part of your reality in this moment, and influences how your future unfolds."

Without changing those stories how can you expect your future to be different.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice to help you change those stories.

"Like a lotus flower that rises up through the darkness,
our soul opens, allowing our light and beauty into the world.”

What is Shamanism?

Foundation for Shamanic Studies at www.shamanism.org

Please read article here.

Indigenous rattles

Shamanic treatments

For a list of Shamanic Healing treatments, available by phone, or in person, please see details here.

"Change challenges us to make the unfamiliar familiar,
the unknown, known."

Wild Orchid Health & Wellness Centre

Therapeutic treatments

Various therapeutic treatments are available at Wild Orchid Health & Wellness Centre, located in Napanee, Ontario. Check here for the full list of services.

My journey

My name is Mora File...as a Guest Faculty member of the Foundation For Shamanic Studies, I am here to share the gift of Shamanic Healing, and Shamanic Counselling.  

I have been a healer for most of my 32 year career...beginning as a Registered Massage Therapist, and Reflexologist, later becoming a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Workshop Facilitator on various topics around health and wellness.

"A journey is neither short, nor long, it just is…"  

To read more about my journey, please see here.

To review my credentials please see here.

Shamanic regalia


I publish a bi-weekly newsletter to share many aspects of my personal journey with Shamanism. You can see examples here.

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Contact me

If you have any questions about how Shamanism can help you...please contact me.