The circle of life

As a teenager, I was fortunate enough to join my father on his official sabbatical year…travelling around the world visiting ten countries on five Continents.

I experienced many cultures, and met some extraordinary people, many of whom were on a quest...searching for something more.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the seeds of my future had been sown…

My calling…

I too was on a quest...looking for greater meaning, purpose, and a way of giving back...I discovered my calling.

I was accepted into the prestigious Sutherland Chan School Of Massage Therapy, after completing my studies at the School of Nutritional Health Sciences.

Sutherland Chan created opportunities to study many other modalities…teaching, and facilitating workshops.

Prince Edward County, Canada

Prince Edward County, Canada

The direction was clear…

Marriage, the birth of my children, building a successful clinical massage therapy practice, appeared from the outside as if my life was complete…but I was looking for more…something was missing.

Physical therapy is only part of the healing process; what was missing was spiritual healing.

Always exploring; I joined a teaching lodge…it was there that I was introduced to the work of the Shamans, and Shamanism itself.

This lead to more travel abroad…further study…England to explore the Earth energies of the Michael Mary Ley Line, to the ancient Glastonbury Tor, the 900 year old Chalice Well, sunrise ceremonies at Avebury Circle, Stonehenge, discovering many remote stone circles in Ireland…to Atlantis in the Bahamas, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona...Mexico...Mongolia...all in search of a greater understanding of ancient philosophies.

Bantry Bay, Ireland

Bantry Bay, Ireland

Spirit works in balance…

I was at a high point in my life, but spirit works in balance…after my Mother passed over I was in a place of deep grief and loss.

It was my Grandchildren…their beautiful spirits dancing and singing around me that restored me…the circle of life keeps turning.

At a Winter Solstice gathering three years ago I learned about the Foundation For Shamanic Studies. I had a feeling I was about to take another important step on my journey…a new door was opening.

I've been involved with the Foundation since 2014 and continue to deepen my understanding of Shamanism with ongoing formal study.

When things are meant to be…spirit steps in, gently ushering in the winds of change.

“…find your wings and fly…be amongst the stars,
seek out the moon, journey to the deepest part of your being…
bring her out of hiding, so she can
dance and sing and heal…”

Ovgon Monastery, Mongolia

Ovgon Monastery, Mongolia


I recently returned from Mongolia, the birthplace of ancient Shamanism…I walked barefoot on the paths where the ancients once walked…I spent two weeks with local Shamans who inspired me with their wisdom and appreciation for everything around them…returning home I view the world with new eyes, and my changing role within it.

My life journey continues, dreaming of places yet to be discovered...   I trust we will meet somewhere along this beautiful path and make time to share our wisdom.

Chalice Well, England

Chalice Well, England

World of possibilities…

I am the mirror reflecting back to you a world of possibilities...possibilities that exist within you...

Revealing them to you is where our journey begins.